Created: Thursday, 5th December, 2013 - 11:19

A survey of over 16,000 students by Which? University has positioned UCA amongst the top creative universities in the UK.

Students who participated in the survey were asked to give first-hand accounts of a selection of attributes in a variety of categories including; politics, varied student union activities and local nightlife.

UCA ranked highly in the 'creativity' category, a result that reflects our continued dedication to providing a fulfilling, enriching and engaging creative environment for our students.

Of the result, UCA Vice-Chancellor, Simon Ofield-Kerr said: "This result is particularly significant as the feedback comes directly from students. To learn that 89% of UCA students who completed the survey gave us the maximum possible rating for creativity is so rewarding. It demonstrates just how successful we've been at developing a great creative environment where students produce extraordinary work."

See the full rankings at The Huffington Post UK

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