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  • The competitive Learning on Screen nominations have been announced. 2014 films For an Eye and Sunday Dinner with the Morgans have made the list.

    Sunday Dinner is also in selection at St Albans Film Festival, screened at KisaKes in Istanbul in January, and is also screening at Cardiff Independent Film Festival on the same weekend as Screentest (April 17-18). It will also be at the BFI Future Film Festival in London 20-22 February, and is the running at the RTS Southern Region Awards (February). 
  • 2014 (MA) documentary Fragmented Lives has been accepted to screen at Picture This Film Festival in Calgary, Canada from March 16-18. 
  • 2014 second year documentary The Great Rest (shot on location in Italy) has been nominated for Best Documentary at the upcoming Watersprite Student Film Festival in March. Fingers crossed for filmmakers Thomas Kunstler, Dani Alexandroni, Dimitris Lambridis, Matias Gaggiotti & Sam Harding.
  • 2014 graduates Jareth Turner and Karl Bourne did the Sound Design for Brick Bowl, a Lego animation by A+C Studios that parodies 9 Super Bowl ads. The film has been featured in the Daily Mail, TelegraphWIRED, and already the combined views have reached 42k between Vimeo & YouTube. The studio gave themselves the challenge of making the film in 36 hours. Jareth & Karl worked for 28 hours straight in a temporary sound studio, recording the voice over with an actor from California using Skype.
  • Second Year Edison Alcaide has been featured in a Brazilian film blog, talking about his Other Cinema film 'Untitled, Yes'. In the article, Edison talks about his love of travelling and how he swings between feeling like he belongs nowhere, to feeling like he belongs to many places at once. The writer of the blog concludes that 'Cool, isn’t it? I loved this short film.'
  • Farnham Film School has a plethora of 2014 films screening at Screentest, the National Student Film Festival (April 17-18). Grad films Tove (pictured below), Sunday Dinner with the Morgans, Somewhere in the Universe and For an Eye are all in selection at Screentest National Student Film Festival (April 17-18). Other 3rd year work screening include the music video SOS (Femme), Red and Second Impressions from the filmmakers who made Sunday Dinner. Testification, a 2nd year film and Girl Wanderer, a 1st year film are also screening at Screentest.
  • 2013 Graduate Chris Johnson has been making waves in Edinburgh. He has been recently interviewed in the Fountainbridge Show (about 30 mins in) on STV speaking about his illustration, character design, prop and costume design and SPX makeup, under the name Dark Bunny.
  • English 3.0, a documentary about how the internet is changing the use of the English language, is screening this Sunday at 11pm on Freeview 65, Freeview HD 109, Sky 539 and Virgin Media 233. It was made by 2013 Graduates Joe Gilbert (director), Rebecca Dale-Everett (producer), Jason Bourke-Velji (DOP) and Patrick Casey (sound).
  • Graduate Jonas Trukanas has recently secured much sought-after funding from the Lithuanian Film Centre for his film The Trolleybus Man. It was the only short that has been commissioned by them this year. Jonas also has his last short Ghosts I Don't Remember premiering at popular Vilnius Intl Film Festival Shorts Competition. To top off a busy year, Jonas has also had three of his recent films included in the Lithuanian Film Catelogue.
  • Graduate Kate Herron has been interviewed by Directors Notes, about her 'unromantic comedy' Valentine, shot by Rob Savage.

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