Created: Tuesday, 28th February, 2017 - 17:15

Reader in Photography at UCA Rochester, Steffi Klenz, recently finished her BBC East Tower Commission for the arts-development agency White Noise, the architectural developer Stanhope and the BBC. For the commission, Klenz became a resident of the interior space of the 9th floor of the BBC East Tower to create the video. She built a circular installation of mirror-shard fragments that was positioned inside the space and the video camera was positioned on a dolly track system that allowed it to move around the mirror installation. The mirror pieces were arranged in a circular formation creating a kaleidoscopic effect to take place: reflections and refractions were filmed and everything within the mirrors’ side was bounced back to the camera itself. The differently shaped and sized mirror shards captured the specific venue of the East Tower (currently being demolished) and preserve it forever but the mirrors also captured the city of London visible through the windows of the space. While the video captures the interior of the space and the city it also makes the camera, lights and the video crew a symbiotic part of the piece. The crew and production equipment merged with the subject of the interior space of the East Tower and the city of London and became a single body. Klenz’ video piece therefore merges the two sides of the seen and unseen into one video.

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