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A new bookRoom press publication edited and introduced by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, designed by Mason Terrill.

The fruit of a collaboration with artist/activist/creator of the Working Press archive Stefan Szczelkun and keeper archivist Rebekah Taylor.

Rise with your class not from it represents a lasting trace of and a vehicle for the Working Press project whose archive is now housed in UCA library special collections in Farnham. It highlights some important works by working-class artists while providing a valuable resource for anybody interested in working with archive material.

Working Press is a collective publishing imprint, which had the subtitle books by and about Working Class Artists, 1986-1996. Working Press includes the first computer generated comic (Harwood), the first book by Micheline Mason (disability and inclusion artist), and the first book about Greenham Common Yellowgate (Beth Junor).

ISBN 9780957682870 – 82 pages, 20.5x13cms, rubber band binding.bookRoom is a research group and conceptual platform for a number of interrelated activities (conferences, exhibitions, publications, a collection) based at UCA Farnham since 2004. 

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