Created: Friday, 11th November, 2016 - 11:54

Reader Steffi Klenz is currently creating a new video installation based on a Helios-esque installation of mirror-shard fragments circled by the camera, creating a kaleidoscopic effect where reflections and refractions are filmed and everything within the mirrors’ view reflects back to the camera, including fragments of the East Tower and the city beyond.

The East Tower of the former BBC Television Centre will be demolished in autumn 2016. A springboard for the careers of generations of British household names since it opened in the 1960s, the former BBC Television Centre is a catalyst for creativity: from writers, producers and designers, to filmmakers, performers and musicians. To celebrate the BBC’ heritage, the art commissioning agency White Noise and the developers Stanhope PLC asked 8 artists and artistic organization to take over one of the empty floors of its East Tower and respond. The selected artists are: Catherine Yass, Alan Warburton, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe and Jack West, Hilary Powell, James Rigler, Resonance FM. The group of commissions mark a moment of transition, as the East Tower is demolished in in the near future for work on the renovation of this iconic site.

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