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  • On March 4th, we will be celebrating with both current students and graduates at the RTS Southern Centre Student Awards. There are a total of 6 films from UCA in the running. From Farnham Film School there is BEING NICE & VALENTINE'S PARK from director Leah Revivo, INSERT FILM TITLE HERE, I GUESS, by Urmas Salu, THE LIVES OF OTHERS, by Mariana Nascimento and POINTLESS from Will Daniels. LOVE & PAPERCUTS, by Dann Parry is in the Animation section. 
  • BEING NICE is also screened at the following festivals at the end of last year - Cans Short Film Festival and The Monthly Film Festival and The Strange Film Awards.
  • The upcoming Screentest Student Film Festival has also announced their shortlist, and there are several Farnham Film School films represented. They include the 2014-15 Year 3 films  THE BREAKING, LIGHT IT UP and BEING NICE, plus the Year 2 documentaries LOS JUZCARENOS and ADOLESCENCE, BROKENSHIP and the Year 1 documentary ADOLESCENT. Also, current Year 3 student Andy Morgan's latest music vid MAJIK -IT'S ALRIGHT is in. The festival will be held on April 15th - 16th.
  • In other news from the 2014-15 Year 3 films: Ed Quinn, screenwriter of MEMOIRS, that was in shortlisted for Best Screenplay at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, back in December. The Italian documentary LIBERO will be screening at the Future Film Festival as part of the Nahemi programme. The team has also recently won BEST DOCUMENTARY in the Free Net World Film Fest. DEEP PAN FURY is continuing to take its pizza-fuelled manoeuvres to the people of the US of A. It is in the running for Best Comedy and Best Student Film at the Beaufort Film Festival, and also Best Short at the Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards.

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