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University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Rochester student, Johanna Wahlman is through to the final of the FAD (Fashion Awareness Direct) competition.

Seventeen finalists from eleven universities across the UK have been selected for the 2014 FAD Competition final at Fashion Scout (part of London Fashion Week) in February 2014.

Entrance into the competition is a requirement for year three Fashion Design students, and the work submitted is also used for their final portfolio, which is designed to be shown to future employers and clients.

Entrants were required to follow a Brief, where each designer had to come up with a concept that would express "inspiration in the rhythm of a pattern; the shape of a sound; the taste of a texture; the colour of a scent."

Johanna describes her concept as an optical illusion, and one that plays on the idea of something appearing visually cold, but that actually makes you feel warm.

She said: "The mini collection is about how something visually cold, can make you feel warm. This has been interpreted through textile manipulations, which is inspired of frost on hair. This has also been transferred into a print, which will be used, on a fabric. The cold aspect would be made in warm structures for the contrast of multisensory. Also, rather than using fur, or, chemicals to imitate something similar that makes you warm, the use of hair, would be a futuristic suggestion of reusing something that's natural, which is a part of my concept."

The experience has allowed her to expand her fashion knowledge and further explore the experimental elements of fashion design. She also hopes it will support her future career.

"It's been an amazing experience so far; the fact of being a finalist has made me even more passionate about the creation of my two final outfits. I feel that I have explored my creative side even more and learned how to express my senses through clothing, which has been an interesting journey, definitely something to consider for future work," she added.

Donna Ives, Fashion Design Course Leader at UCA said: "The Fashion Design team are thrilled that Johanna has got through to the final of FAD. This is a fantastic achievement given the tough competition from entries from students all over the country. It is also a great achievement for the Fashion Design Course and UCA as this is the third year running we have a finalist. It is an amazing chance to have the opportunity to show at London Fashion Week."

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