Created: Wednesday, 5th March, 2014 - 15:16

UCA Farnham Textiles lecturer Diana Harrison has been leading textile workshops in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the EU Cultural Programme Transparent Boundaries. As a leading textile artist in the UK, Diana has also been exhibiting some of her own work as part of the Programme, which is a trans-national and cultural project to provide opportunities and links across a range of cultures and generations. UCA Professor Lesley Millar is the Lead Researcher on Transparent Boundaries.

UCA has collaborated with AMAT, a theatre activity association in Italy, to provide a series of events in Wroclaw for locals that included textile workshops, dance workshops, an exhibition of Diana’s work and a video from Giulio D’Anna, a choreographer from AMAT. The workshops, specifically for the over-60′s, were very well attended and gave both the artists the opportunity to work with closely with each participant.

The textile pieces made during Diana’s workshop were based on her ‘autobiographical’ work for ‘Lost in Lace’, in which she ‘materialised’ each decade of her life through stitch and deconstruction. The narratives which emerged during the workshops were extremely moving and honest, as each participant visited the various decades of their own lives.


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