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If you are thinking of studying craft and design, and are driven by a desire to make real the objects of your imagination, then you have arrived at a place which demands your very closest consideration. The School of Crafts & Design at UCA is internationally recognised as a leading centre for the activity of making and for its extraordinary individual and collective achievements.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best equipped universities in the country for craft and design study and on being a global leader in the sector. Our workshops and studios provide the creative arena which supports the development of practical skills and highly sought after complementary skills such as conceptual and critical thinking. Our outstanding resources help motivate successful graduates to provide a valuable contribution to society and the world economy.

In the School of Crafts & Design we promote learning through doing and reflecting upon practice. We are intrigued by the tacit knowledge contained in artefacts and the way hand skills evolve through technical exploration. The role objects play in enhancing communication across our diverse international community helps celebrate difference and encourages each student and tutor to discover their unique creative voice.

Our courses are delivered by communities of artists, designers, scholars and industry professionals. Opportunities for interdisciplinary practice are promoted across the University as such experience enhances student learning and employability. Enterprise skills are embedded in all of our courses and we celebrate many award winning graduates and alumni who are successfully performing and leading on the international stage. Our world renowned research centres, including the Crafts Study Centre, the Anglo-Japanese Textiles Research Centre and our Centre for Sustainable Design®, enrich UCA’s practice-led community.

Together, we reflect upon cultural diversity through theory and practice. The exploration of innovative ways of working, in response to emerging research and current debates, is woven into our everyday experience. We are committed to helping each and every student and tutor build an international network of colleagues and friends for life.

Within our inspiring studios and well-equipped workshops you will:

  • Work with and alongside practitioner-researchers to fully understand the professional context within which we engage with the world
  • Explore extraordinary resources and develop technical skills related to your personal and professional practice
  • Develop conceptual and critical thinking skills which allow innovation and enterprise to flourish through making
  • Collaborate on live projects and commissions with local and international partners
  • Build an international network of colleagues and friends

Bob Pulley
Head of School - Crafts & Design

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The School of Crafts & Design includes three leading research centres which are home to internationally renowned experts in their fields.

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