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Edition of 200. Published by bookRoom and supported by the University for the Creative Arts.

Amanda Couch (Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, UCA Farnham) and Richard Nash (Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design: Visual Communication, UCA Canterbury), with collaborators Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee.

On Innards | Publication is the record of the two-year On Innards project by Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky, Mindy Lee, and Richard Nash, published by bookRoom. Dissected, reinterpreted, and reconnected in the form of an artists’ book, it is a collaboration between the artists, as well as contributors to the On innards | Event from the fields of gastroenterology, virology, the medical humanities, cultural theory, poetic practice, yoga, and performance, exploring multi-disciplinary perspectives on digestion and the interior body. The form of the book is an embodiment of digestion, a multitude of folds, held together by a mesenteric binding, which when unwound, allows the book to be fully experienced.

Digitally printed on Colorplan 135 and 270gsm stock, with a Manilla folder cover, consisting of 200 pages of various intersecting formats and custom binding, cut, folded, bound and finished by hand.

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