Created: Friday, 11th March, 2016 - 11:45

Creative Residency: Joy of Sets: March 2nd-4th 2 Ashley Road Epsom

The Joy of Sets is a workshop devised and led by artists Nicholas Mortimer and Joseph Popper. It provides students with a chance to get creative and explore a rapid prototyping approach to realising ideas in a hands on, full scale workshop.

Making is not only a production process, but a creative one. However, confidence and ability to approach hand-making things on any scale is in decline, as advances in manufacturing mean computer corrected, 3D printed mail order objects are becoming more available to all. This workshop aims to tackle this predicament. By offering a situation to get making quickly, The Joy of Sets celebrates and educates a hands-on approach to making ‘things’ and thinking about creating atmospheres, aesthetics and aesthetics and environments.

The workshop would appeal to BA Graphic Design, Film and Screen Arts, Game Arts and Film & TV Productive students, as well as MA Media Communications, and Graphic Design students who want to learn set building towards an enhanced portfolio. We will outreach to all campuses Farnham (Media & Communications, Digital & Screen Arts, MA Media Communications) and Maidstone (TV & Film Production).


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