Starts: Monday, 9th November, 2015 - 16:00

Ends: Monday, 9th November, 2015 - 17:00

Monday 9th November, 4pm, Gallery Epsom

Joseph Popper examines space travel and other human technological endeavours by imagining future narratives and simulating fictional experiences. His works depart from developments of the emerging present and seek to project toward things to come.

Popper employs handcrafted imagery and built environments in his approach, which expose the honesty and rigour of his process. Everyday objects, simple materials and found locations transform into props and stages for playful, critical fictions where the normal is made fantastic.

Popper is interested in science fiction as a means to approach unknown frontiers. His narratives often return to a lone character venturing past the possible, and reaching beyond the limits of mundane reality.

With his artistic partner Nicholas Mortimer, Joseph Popper also runs a workshop called Joy of Sets, which is a film set building workshop. He will talk about this briefly but hopes to bring it the UCA Epsom in the spring of 2016

Nicholas and Joseph are both artists who graduated from MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art.  This workshop emerged from their shared interest in filmmaking and their belief in making as a creative process, and provides students with a chance to get creative and explore a rapid prototyping approach to realising ideas and educating in a hands-on approach to making ‘things’ and thinking about creating atmospheres, aesthetics and environments.



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