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We are please to announce the programme of MULTISTORY lectures and events for this Spring. You can download the Spring Poster here:


Over the past ten years the UCA Canterbury School of Architecture has been running Multistory - a series of talks and events organised by students and alumni of the School. This year there have already been more than 20 lectures, debates and events at Canterbury attracting guest speakers from the architecture, design and fine arts industries. A monthly series of Multistory @ The Doodle Bar talks compliments these and extend the series closer to our alumni and collaborators in London.

UCA is all about giving students, staff and alumni opportunities to meet with and be taught by leading figures in their chosen disciplines. A project like Multistory is an example of how the University enhances the core experience of its courses and it sits alongside vibrant programmes of exhibitions, conferences and events at our campuses and a wide range of external exhibitions and projects featuring UCA students and staff.

You can find out more about the Multistory series at


Spring 2014 talks take place at UCA Cantebury and also at The Doodle Bar in Battersea and are free and open to all students, staffs and visitors to the School.


Jay Gort & Fiona Scott // Gort Scott Architects

6th March 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


David Chambers // Aberrant Architecture

7th March 2014 1PM // UCA Canterbury


Nigel Coates // Atmost + The Art of Architecture

12th March 2014 6PM // Doodlebar Battersea


Tarek Merlin // Feix & Merlin Architects

13th March 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


Mariana Pestana // The Decorators

14th March 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


Anna Best // Artist & Explorer (Occasional Sights)

3rd April 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


Tatjana Schneider // Spatial Agency

10th April 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


James Binning // Assemble Studio

11th April 2014 1PM // UCA Canterbury


Tom Ravenscroft // Journalist & AJ Editor

16th April 2014 6PM // Doodlebar Battersea


Luke Hayes // Photographer & Researcher

1st May 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


James Soane // Project Orange

1st May 2014 1PM // UCA Canterbury


Stephanie MacDonald // 6A Architects

8th May 2014 6PM // UCA Canterbury


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